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By Bruce Lyon

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Agni is the Lord of fireside. Agni Yoga is the yoga of synthesis. the fundamental premise of Agni Yoga is that this: There aren't any exterior situations which could defeat the human spirit. This ebook is concentrated in the direction of those that have a few familiarity with the Trans-Himalayan teachings. however the key lies of their sensible program. this is often the way in which we gasoline the fireplace. The booklet has 3 sections: Meditation, examine and repair. the 1st part describes the development of meditative paintings beginning with that spark of thought after we first make soul touch, via to complete soul-identification while the start up develop into an device of the better Will. This part includes particular meditative routines, alignments, mantrams, prayers and formulation for use within the daily perform of Agni Yoga. The learn part incorporates a description of the cosmic planes and subplanes, together with the elaborate interrelationships of the rays that create the lively cloth of our sunlight method. A thought of astrological rulerships is usually included. while you're occupied with the mysteries of color and quantity, the query of excellent and evil, the aim of the sacrifice of the sunlight angels or the mysteries of the artistic Hierarchies, this bankruptcy is easily worthy a learn. The jump of the Agni yogi is first a jump in recognition. Agni Yoga is the yoga of the soul. however the hearth of divine Will needs to be introduced via Love into motion. The carrier part outlines the 4 levels for bringing Will into expression instantaneously in our daily lives

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There were five Hierarchies liberated in the earlier system, and that liberation occurred from the atmic plane. In this system the liberation or entrance to the cosmic paths occurs from the monadic plane, and in the next system it will take place from the logoic. It should also be remembered that the eventual aim of the incarnated soul is to have the four higher ethers of the etheric body able to serve as transmitters of energy from the four cosmic ethers, namely the buddhic, atmic, monadic and logoic planes.

The higher peak experiences occur when the soul is ‘touched’ and responds to monadic impression. These energetic impacts are actually contact with the three aspects of monadic life active on the three highest planes of the system—the higher atmic, monadic and logoic. These energies are stepped down through a Master or Fifth Degree initiate via the ‘atmic body’. At the Third Initiation the higher atmic energies transfigure the mind and have a reflex effect on the etheric body resulting in the rising up of the kundalini fire.

A popular introduction can be found in the book Circling the Sacred Mountain by Robert Thurman and Tad Wise. Basically the idea is to use disidentification techniques until the focus of consciousness is causal or ‘witness’. Witness because you are able to witness your thoughts, feelings and actions without investment. Now having established witness consciousness, you actively seek the witness. By turning the attention of the self around and having it look for the self, some quite liberating experiences can be had.

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